In the old days (not too long ago) photographers clicked the shutter and a negative was made inside the camera.  That negative was then manipulated in the darkroom (making some areas of the image lighter, some darker, etc...) to create a fine-art photographic print that best expressed the vision and emotion of what the photographer was feeling about the scene at the time he made the photograph.  The great photographer Ansel Adams profoundly used a musical analogy and equated the photographic negative to the “score” and the final print the “performance”.

Today a photographer clicks the shutter and instead of a negative, a “raw” file is created.  (It’s essentially a negative but in digital format.) The photographer still has to manipulate the raw file similarly to manipulating a negative in order to create a print only now he does that manipulation on a computer rather than in a darkroom.  Once he has manipulated the image to his liking a “master file” is created.  This master file contains all of the lightening and darkening, dust removing, and other modifications to the image he made in order to best put forth his vision for that photograph.  Then the master file is used to make the final print.  Again, very similar to what he'd do in a darkroom.

Using that same master file a photographer can now make an unlimited amount of identical prints.

My process is different because I believe that a limited edition should be special and unique. After I print one print with the master file and it is sold, I then throw out that master file and start over with the original “raw” file to create a new master file (a new “performance” if you will, using Adams’ analogy I mentioned earlier.)

Technically no two of these photographic prints in my limited editions are exactly identical.  Just like no two prints (from a film "negative") that photographers create in a darkroom are exactly identical. And again to use Ansel Adams analogy to music, no two musical performances are exactly identical.

So when you purchase a fine art limited edition print from me you are getting a unique print to enjoy and you will know that yours is "hand-made" and not simply reproduced from a master file that all the other prints are reproduced from.

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